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Friday, January 19, 2018

Conditions of Services COSA Work

All costs associated with obtaining a Certificate of On-site Systems Approval (COSA) from the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) are subject, but not limited to the following conditions at the time of testing:

  • A legible copy of current as-built survey is provided.
  • All septic pipes are present and exposed (not buried underground or in the snow).
  • All septic pipes are functional (not broken off below ground, or filled with dirt/rocks).
  • The well production is adequate enough to fill the septic system in a reasonable amount of time (at least one gallone per minute).
  • The Septic tank is pumped per Engineer's direction.
  • If the house has been vacant in excess of 60 days, the leachfield will need to be presoaked (required by the MOA) prior to testing, at an additional charge.
  • Well head is accessible and the sanitary cap is functional and removable.

    In conducting this evaluation, GEG, Ltd. will provide a thorough, conscientious engineering analysis of the system in accordance with ADEC or MOA guidelines & regulations. The reported results will describe the performance of the system under the conditions encountered at the time of the test, and separation distances measured to readily identifiable features. The operational life of all wells and septic systems depend on the local soils conditions, groundwater levels (that may fluctuate during the year), the water usage of the family being served by the system, and other factors. These conditions are outside the control of GEG, Ltd. Satisfactory test results do not guarantee future performance of the system, nor do they guarantee that there are no hidden defects or encroachments. GEG, Ltd can therefore not provide any warranty or future estimate of how long the system will continue to meet the operational requirements of the ADEC or MOA. The content of our report is for the sole benefit of our client. Any reliance upon or use of this report by any other person or party is not authorized, nor will it confer any legal right whatsoever.

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