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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Engineering Costs and Fees

For undeveloped land, in most cases it will be necessary to have the lot lines flagged by a registered land surveyor (about every 50-75 feet) prior to digging any test holes. In addition to having the property lines flagged, it is necessary that a "site plan" (see below) be developed by GEG.  Prior to doing any design work, it will be necessary to have a legible copy of a current as-built survey, or for new construction, a certified plot plan.  GEG does not provide land surveying services and all surveying costs are in addition to the following fees.  GEG has a list of recommended surveyors we can refer you to.

General Consulting Services

  • Senior Professional Engineer (Jeffrey Garness, P.E.) - $200/hr.
  • Professional Engineer - $150/hr.
  • Engineering Technician - $125/hr.
  • Administrative Services - $65/hr.

Septic Design Services for a Private Septic System in the MOA

  • Site Plan - Required before any test holes or soil analysis can be performed:  $125 per hour, plus surveyor fees so as to establish lot line control and "asbuilt" surface waters, wetlands, topography, and all other pertinent features necessary to design the well and/or septic system
  • Soil Analysis - Includes percolation test and groundwater monitoring for one test hole:  *$700, plus test hole excavation fee
  • Soils Analysis for Additional Test Holes (if performed during the same site visit):  *$400 per test hole, plus test hole excavation fees
  • Septic System Design (for single-family home or duplex in the MOA):  **$900
  • Septic tank only design:  $750

Test Hole Excavation Services in the MOA

  • Test Hole (if a rubber tire backhoe can be used) - *$700
  • Additional Test Holes (done on the same day as the 1st test hole) - *$400/each

Municipality of Anchorage Fees

  • Septic system installation permit - $569
  • Well permit - $215
  • Certificate of Onsite Systems Approval (COSA):  $526
  • Municipal Rush Fees:  Additional 60% charge to all MOA fees
  • MOA or ADEC waiver fees:  Varies depending upon type of waiver

The MOA fee schedule is subject to change without notice; furthermore, GEG charges a 5% markup on all MOA fees paid by GEG on behalf of client.

Inspections & Documentation of Private Septic Systems in the MOA

  • Contact our office for price information


*Additional fees for travel time may apply if the site location is further south than Potter Marsh, or further north than Peters Creek.  Some sites require extensive tree removal or construction of an access trail into the site.  Tree removal and/or access trail construction is not included in this price.  If the site topography or vegetation (tall trees and/or alders) makes the use of a rubber tire backhoe unfeasible, it may be necessary to use a track type backhoe.  There is an additional fees if a track type backhoe is required, or if tree clearing or other work is required to provide reasonable access to the property.

**Does not include preparation of waiver reports nor MOA/ADEC waiver fees or MOA permit fees.



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